Our aim is to prove that our souls survive physical death, and we maintain our personal identities. With this knowledge we hope to release people from the fear of death, and bring comfort and healing to those who are grieving the loss of a loved one.

We teach the philosophy of life that goes with this knowledge: as eternal beings with souls, we are responsible for our own spiritual growth. Our Sunday addresses, classes, and workshops are designed to give people tools and inspiration to live their lives the very best that they can.

We believe that everyone has the ability to connect with spirit in varying degrees, so we encourage others to develop their own gifts and find their own connection to Spirit and God.

Spiritualism is a way of life. It combines philosophy, science and religion. Spiritualists agree on seven principles:

  1. A Divine Intelligence recognized as God.
  2. The unity of all life.
  3. Divine guidance and inspiration available to every soul.
  4. The continuous existence of every soul.
  5. Personal responsibility for all thoughts, words and deeds.
  6. All of our actions create our environment in this world and the next.
  7. Eternal progress is open to every soul.
Thank you for supporting the Cowichan Spiritualist Church of Healing and Light through your membership, donations, attendance, and service.
Your support helps the church to thrive and enables it to help various organizations, families, and individuals in need within our community.

Missed a service?

Listen to Recordings of Past Services!

- December 4, 2022:  Rev. Patricia Gunn - The lights of Christmas

- November 27, 2022:  Rev. Malcolm Gloster - The most important thing in life

- November 20, 2022:  Bruce Mason - Walking the Camino de Santiago

- October 16, 2022:  Rev. Carol Spencer - Things to be thankful for

- October 9, 2022 (Thanksgiving):  Karlin Creed - Relating to others with deep listening

- September 25, 2022:  Rev. Nicole Powell - Let yourself become an expression of our Creator

- September 18, 2022:  Patricia Giannasi-Heshka - Adjusting to the shift as mankind evolves

- September 11, 2022:  Rev. Janine Grey - Learning from illness

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