Calendar of Platform Mediums and Chairpersons

Please join us at 11 am on Sunday mornings at the Mercury Theatre, 331 Brae Road, Duncan.  

  • If you are not able to attend, or if you would like to hear an amazing Address again, you can listen to recordings of past Sunday Addresses.  
  • If the medium delivers a message to you during the service, email to request a recording of your message.
  • Please avoid wearing scented products at church as these can trigger headaches and respiratory distress in people who are sensitive to chemicals.

We have heard from several church members that they are not comfortable coming to church if most people are not wearing masks.  COVID-19 infections are still occurring, and new variations are likely to come in the future.  The COVID-19 virus is primarily transmitted through aerosols on the breath.  When we sing, aerosols are projected into the air and travel further than they do when we are speaking.

The provincial mask mandate has been lifted, but masks are still recommended in indoor settings when spending time in close proximity to others.  Wearing a mask protects us, and it's also a sign of respect and protection for others, especially those who are immune compromised.

We ask that you consider wearing a mask in church, particularly during hymn singing.  If you are able to wear a mask during the entire service, that would be appreciated.  We will not enforce mask wearing, it’s just a kindness to others that we ask you to consider.




Dec 11,

Rev. Malcolm Gloster

Karlin Creed



Dec 18,
& potluck

Rev. Patricia Gunn

Rev. Janine Grey
and friends

Dec 25,
No Service Merry

Subject to change without notice.