Spiritual Healing

What is Spiritual Healing?

Spiritual Healing uses Divine energy and is a form of Mediumship. A Spiritual healer acts as a channel through which God’s healing energy flows under the direction of spirit guides for physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual healing. This occurs through the laying on of hands or absent healing.

A Spiritual healer has been trained and has a gift or talent for passing healing energy from spiritual forces to recipients.

Every healing is administered according to the patient’s personal needs. Spiritual healers either place their hands slightly above the person’s body or touch them gently.

Spiritual healing does not depend on faith in the healer or the God of a specific religion and is available to everyone.

There is no known human illness that cannot be helped in some way through spiritual healing. It is usually a gradual process, although sensational or miraculous healings do occur. Healing helps patients derive the greatest possible advantage from medical treatment. It assists the body to heal itself.

If it is time for a person to pass to the spirit world, spiritual healing often eases their pain so that they don't need as much medication. It also brings about an inner peace that helps to ease the transition.

People often ask how long healing takes, but it is impossible to put any time limit upon healing progress. All patients are different in their reactions, some respond quickly, while it may take much longer for other people with a similar condition. The time required for a recovery will vary according to the individual’s condition.

Guidelines for Receiving Spiritual Healing

Thought is powerful! Think good thoughts, visualize recovery, and maintain an attitude of hope and cheerfulness.

When sitting for healing, place your feet flat on the floor and your hands comfortably on your lap. This creates a positive flow of energy.

Strengthen your innate healing ability by sitting regularly in meditation and living a healthy lifestyle.

Spiritual healing is a complementary healing not an alternative healing.

Spiritual healers do not make a medical diagnosis or provide psychological counseling unless specifically licensed to do so.

Spiritual healers do not recommend drugs or a specific type of treatment, manipulate the body, or use/sell any healing product, including crystals or herbs, in spiritual healing.