Recordings of Past Services

June 26, 2022:  Bruce Mason

        Part 1:  Technology Troubles

        Part 2:  Technology Follies

June 19, 2022 (Father's Day):  Rev. Janine Grey

        Spiritual Help for Depression

June 12, 2022:  Rev. Malcolm Gloster

        Part 1:  Crisis is the Boot That Kicks You to a New Dimension

        Part 2:  Find the Tings That Make You Happy

        Part 3:  Message from an Angel to Mothers of Babies with Brief Lives

June 5, 2022:  Rev. Patricia Gunn

        Part 1:  Soul Energy Colours

        Part 2:  Encourage Others

        Part 3:  Look Into Souls

        Part 4:  Show Compassion

May 29, 2022:  Rev. Nicole Powell

        God Moment

May 22, 2022:  Rev. Carol Spencer

        Finding Your Place of Grace

May 15, 2022:  Rev. Janine Grey

        Too Busy for Boredom

May 8, 2022 (Mother's Day):  Rev. Patricia Gunn

        Part 1:  The Gift of Being Able to Nurture

        Part 2:  Tell Your Mother You Appreciate Her

May 1, 2022:  Rev. Patricia Gunn

        Part 1:  The Light That You Are

        Part 2:  Thoughts Are Living Things

April 24, 2022:  Rev. Janine Grey

        Part 1:  Send Healing to Global Conflict

        Part 2:  Send Healing to Local Irritations

April 17, 2022 (Easter):  Rev. Patricia Gunn

        Part 1:  Rebirth

        Part 2:  New Opportunities

        Part 3:  Communications from Loved Ones

April 10, 2022:  Bruce Mason

        Part 1:  Astral Travel Visit

        Part 2:  Trust Your Inner Knowing

April 3, 2022:  Rev. Malcolm Gloster

        Part 1:  Little Things Done With Great Love

        Part 2:  Amma, the Hugging Saint

March 27, 2022:  Bruce Mason

        Suffering and Hidden Miracles

March 20, 2022:  Rev. Nicole Powell

        Lighten Up

March 13, 2022:  Rev. Janine Grey

        Know Yourself, Love Yourself

March 6, 2022:  Rev. Patricia Gunn

        Part 1:  Be Still My Soul

        Part 2:  Be Still When You Are Troubled

        Part 3:  Cowichan Spiritualist Church Beginnings

February 27, 2022:  Bruce Mason

        Reading:  Steve Jobs' Last Essay

        Part 1:  We are Perfect All-Loving Spirit

        Part 2:  Jim Johnson Meets Steve Jobs

February 20, 2022:  Rev. Janine Grey

        Opening Song:   Love one another; the key to the universe is love for your brother:
        it's all we have to do.  Love is the answer to all the problems in the world.  It's up to me and you!

        Part 1:  Send Love

        Part 2:  Send Light

February 13, 2022:  Rev. Patricia Gunn

        Part 1:  Spirit Friends

        Part 2:  Life on Earth is School

February 6, 2022:  Rev. Janine Grey

        Part 1:  Help from Spirit

        Part 2:  Help from Spirit

January 30, 2022:  Rev. Nicole Powell

        Relationship with God

January 23, 2022:  Rev. Patricia Gunn

        Part 1:  Invite Your Spirit Friends to Come Close

        Part 2:  We Are Surrounded by Loved Ones

        Janine's Pet Visits Part 1:  Cat Cuddles

        Janine's Pet Visits Part 2:  Summer Bubble

January 16, 2022:  Rev. Malcolm Gloster

        Reading:  Desiderata

        Life Lessons from Desiderata

January 9, 2022:  Rev. Janine Grey

        Part 1:  Earth's Astrology

        Part 2:  Age of Technology and Isolation

        Part 3:  Visit from a Pet

January 2, 2022:  Rev. Patricia Gunn

        Part 1:  The Light Within Your Soul

        Part 2:  Finding the Light Within

December 19, 2021:  Rev. Patricia Gunn

        Part 1:  Visit from a Pet

        Part 2:  Christmas Address

December 12, 2021:  Bruce Mason

        Spiritual Help

December 5, 2021:  Rev. Patricia Gunn

        Silent Night

November 28, 2021:  Bruce Mason

        Part 1:  Change

        Part 2:  Addendum

November 14, 2021:  Bruce Mason


October 10, 2021:  Rev. Patricia Gunn - 30th Anniversary of the Cowichan Spiritualist Church of Healing and Light

        Part 1:  All Are Welcome

        Part 2:  A Place of Light

December 20, 1998:  Jim Johnson - Christmas Address

        Reading:  Good luck?  Bad luck?  Who knows?

        Part 1:  Prodigal Son

        Part 2:  Returning Home to God

Messages from Spirit:

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