During the demonstration of mediumship, messages are occasionally given that apply to everyone.

Excerpts of these messages or other portions of the service are arranged by topic below.

To request a recording of a message delivered to you during a service, please send email to

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December 31, 2023: Janice Hiles
- Acceptance     

December 31, 2023: Rev. Malcolm Gloster
- Hospice     

December 31, 2023: Joan Garlick
- Remember Them     


December 10, 2023: Rev. Carol Spencer
- Why Christmas Is Special     

December 17, 2023: Karlin Creed
- Moment of Peace     

Living Your Best Life

March 6, 2022: Rev. Patricia Gunn
- Inner Knowing     

February 19, 2023: Rev. Malcolm Gloster
- Live Fully     

March 26, 2023: Janice Hiles
- Look for the Good     

May 21, 2023: Bruce Mason
- Aging     


December 19, 2021: Rev. Patricia Gunn
- Pet Visit     

Sisters of St. Ann

August 27, 2023: Rev. Malcolm Gloster
- Mother Superior     

Spirit World

April 17, 2022 (Easter): Rev. Patricia Gunn
- Communications from Spirit     

October 2, 2022 (31st Anniversary of CSC): Rev. Patricia Gunn
- Glimpse of the Spirit World