What to Expect at a Sunday Service

A typical Sunday service contains these elements:

  • Opening prayer
  • Short spiritual reading from a variety of sources, generally chosen by the chairperson
  • Inspirational talk (Address) by the medium
  • Demonstration of mediumship
  • Healing prayer
  • Hands-on spiritual healing or meditation time
  • Closing prayer

At various times throughout the service, the congregation sings uplifting songs, accompanied by Sheila Johnson on piano.

The church has a variety of speakers and mediums presenting different points of view each week. The philosophy generally expresses some aspect of our seven principles, and is meant to be uplifting and inspiring.

The demonstration of mediumship is intended to provide evidence that our spirits survive physical death. If the medium receives a connection for you during the demonstration, you have the option to refuse the message. If you choose to accept it, a smile and the sound of your voice will strength the medium's connection with Spirit. However, do not feed the medium with information! Answer with Yes, No, Maybe, or I don't know. It's the job of the medium to gather the evidence from Spirit and present it to you.

Messages from spirit are recorded. To receive a copy of your message, email messages@CowichanSpiritualistChurch.com