Sunday Service for November 7, 2021 - Rev. Patricia Gunn


Infinite Spirit, Creator of all life, Thank you for the many blessings that surround each of us daily, even though we don't always notice them. Help us to look beyond our challenges for a few moments each day and see the beauty of nature and the little things that make us smile.

We know that many people are really stressed out and many are in physical and mental and emotional pain and to those we send unconditional love and healing. We send thanks and love to all the people in the medical profession that are exhausted from the extra work that has been asked of them during this pandemic and extend that to all the front line workers who make our lives so much better.

As we head into the time of Remembrance Day, we give thanks to all those souls who have given their lives so that we may live in relative peace. We have so much to be thankful for, and yet we too often dwell on the difficult and sad parts of our lives and forget that Your love is always around us - lifting us up and shining light on paths that can help us move forward and on this day we give thanks for Your ever-present unconditional love.



Many of you are tired and frustrated with life at this moment and with winter approaching you might feel like hibernating. We encourage you to instead, begin to expand your horizons - read books, watch documentaries that teach you new ideas and perspectives - try new things that excite you to move your mind into a positive and happy state.

Life is not simple - it can at times be very complex but if you take some time for your own spiritual, mental, emotional and physical wellbeing, you can deal with those challenges in a healthier way. By looking after your well-being, you will often find your perspective on events going on around will change - it will be clearer and when you see the big picture it can help you cope better.

Don't forget to include God and your spirit friends when you are sad and disheartened. They are just waiting for you to open the door of your mind and soul so they can heal, inspire and uplift you. They often will slip in insights on a situation or influence you to go somewhere or pick up a book or turn on a television programme that contains clues to something you need to know. Your soul wanted to come to earth to learn and grow and give back and right now there is so much that can enrich your time here.

Help out where you can - listen to your soul before you blame or put down someone you don't agree with. Add your shining light to the world by being kind and patient with those who are angry and afraid by the changes that the pandemic has brought about. For some, it is the feeling of not being in control of so much of their life at present. Life is all about change, whether we like it or not - nothing is static forever so, if you can, help them to be okay with what they feel are restrictions by pointing out that they are not alone - that we are all going through this together and it will continue to change and for the better.

Do the best you can with each day and deal with each day as it happens. By living in the present you can accomplish much more than if you spend too much time worrying about what might happen in the future. Live your life fully, with positive energy and joy so you won't look back with regret at the opportunities you had to grow, to be kind and compassionate.

In the end, it is how much love you gave out that will count when you return to spirit - that is what brings you spiritual richness. Love, which is how you express your soul, is the most important gift for you to share.

May each one of you find peace and joy as you move forward.

From Rev. Patricia Gunn and her spirit friends