Sunday Service for May 30, 2021: Rev. Patricia Gunn

Opening Prayer

Infinite Spirit, Creator of all life, Thank you for all the many blessings you have given us.

Thank you for the love that has poured over us during this time of pandemic, when so many have been filled with thoughts of fear, doubt, blame and impatience instead of love and compassion.

Thank you for the sounds and sights of nature that heal our souls, when we choose to look and listen.

As we begin to see signs that there is light ahead, that the pandemic is being brought under control, help us to stay patient, kind and compassionate - to keep positive and keep our actions wise so that soon we will be able to move forward in a responsible way to share our lives - face to face with one another.

Please continue to send Your healing power to the many souls who are still sick, not just with Covid-19 but with all other illnesses including those who have addictions and are suffering from mental and emotional challenges.

We also send healing to all those who are caregivers and front line workers in the many professions that have kept us all safe, well, and looked after during this time.

Your love is as infinite as are the ways You show us that You care about each one of us. May we take time to notice not just the big things, but more importantly, the little things that bring us a smile, a chuckle, and deep peace in our hearts and minds.



Your world is going through a huge shift. You all have had and continue to have many opportunities and experiences for your souls to learn and grow. This is a global chance to evolve but each individual in the world is experiencing it in their own way. There has been a massive growth in people being kind and compassionate and willing to share in so many ways but also there has been much unrest, frustration, blame, fear, and refusal to take responsibility for individual actions or, in some cases, lack of actions.

It is a time to take personal responsibility for your thoughts, words, and actions. How are your thoughts, words, and actions affecting others? Are you being respectful of other people's opinions and allowing them to think for themselves?

Are your actions affecting the health and well being of others in a positive, kind, and compassionate way? Are you listening to your soul or the ideas and fears of other people? Our Creator is always loving and compassionate and understands the fear of change that many of you have experienced - the feeling of not being in complete control of the outcome of the many aspects of life affected by the pandemic, but now is a time to trust that life is always a series of changes that you will have to adapt to. It has always been that way and always will be that way. Your soul contains many of the answers you need but if you get caught up in fear and "what if", it becomes hard for you to hear your soul.

Take time to be still and let yourself feel, hear, and know what is right for you. You will feel the power of God's love enfolding you and filling you, if you take time to be still and ask for it. You can do this anywhere - at home or out in nature. Allow that power to flow into you - trust it - let it infuse every part of you with that great power and love - surrender your fears into that love, knowing that you cared for, now and always. The way forward is not always what was before and not what you expected, but that is the beauty of your life experience - there are always new adventures, big and small to help you understand love, compassion, joy, and the oneness of all life as well as the uniqueness of your own experience - your own soul path. Honouring your uniqueness and working with the oneness of all is one of the great challenges of life. No one is exactly the same but we are one family sharing this life experience in our own way. That is why it is so important to be kind, compassionate, and respectful to others while still standing in your own truths and allowing them to evolve as you grow in wisdom.

Remember that each one of you have some wise and evolved souls who walk with you, nudging you to see the right path for you but allowing you to make choices. Their love for you is unconditional - even when you don't pay attention - they will still walk with you until you go home to the spirit world.