Sunday Service for May 2, 2021 - Rev. Patricia Gunn


Please join us for the opening prayer:

Infinite Spirit, Creator of All Life, we give thanks this day for all Your love, creativity and encouragement as we journey through this time of challenges and changes.  Help us to remember that Your Love has created each one of us and that change and challenges give us opportunities for our souls to grow on so many levels. May we remember that we are all walking through this together and should strive to encourage each other to not get caught up in fear and frustration of what seems to be an endless stream of challenges.

Thank you for the eyes to see the beauty of nature all around us, the ears to hear the music in the sounds of nature and the senses to feel the magnetic energy from nature so we can be uplifted by all of these. Help us to recognize the big and small efforts of the many people who strive every day to look after our needs, even when it could be endangering their own health.

We are thankful for the knowledge that Your power and the love and care of friends in spirit is always supporting us, even when we are not aware of it. May your Love and Healing energy touch every soul, the animal kingdom and all of nature as we move forward in our life's journey.


Address - Inspired by Spirit through Rev. Patricia Gunn

It is very easy at this time to get caught up in your own thoughts, fears and frustrations. It may be about the pandemic or other people's actions or opinions in connection with it or even the restrictions around it. We would ask that you stop and think about the fact that you are all individuals with free will, and yet you are all connected by the love of our Creator. You are one big family and just as family members don't always agree, they often still support one another - you pray for each other's well being and hope that they will get through their own challenges.

Personal Responsibility is about your response to life - not judging someone else's response. We say to you, listen and learn what you can but also listen with your soul - that inner voice that is not caught up in fear. The spirit world is always working to inspire all those on earth who are trying to find the best ways to keep you healthy - body, mind, and spirit. All the world's inventions - great art, music, books, and innovations - have been inspired by spirit to help make the world a better place. They do their best to get the information through to those on earth who will use it for the benefit of those who need medications, vaccines, medical devices and better equipment. They are not concerned if someone makes some monetary gain, as long as the help is given to the people who need it.

It is important for each of you to take care of your physical, mental and spiritual health as best you can but also recognize that sometimes you also need extra help from medications and vaccines. Remember that we are one family and need to show compassion and generosity both materially and spiritually to others. Look after yourself but also the family of the rest of the world. Do not blame any country or culture for the pandemic - it is a global problem - send prayers to all people on earth that they find the strength and help they need.

Be kind to yourself and others. Notice the kindnesses of others. Many doctors, nurses, caregivers and support staff are exhausted. Let them and others who are working so your life is a bit easier, know you appreciate them. Love is the greatest power of all so let your light shine in your compassion for the whole world and remember that you are not walking this journey alone.

Everyone has a chance for soul growth at this time so look for the positive things that are happening as well as noticing the sad things.

God and the spirit world are walking with each one of you every step of the way - no person