Sunday Service for June 20, 2021 - Rev. Janine Grey

“Happy Father’s Day” to all those wonderful dads out there.


Gracious spirit let us be reminded that our own energy is so precious and vital, let us remember that we can take control of our own energy and not allow ourselves to be drained. We are very special and more powerful than we know, please allow us to open ourselves up to our full potential and know the powerful energy of your love. We feel your loving embrace and know you are always with us in mind, body and Spirit.


Reading - by Brianne Weist

Let go of the people who are not prepared to love you. This is the hardest thing you will have to do in your life and it will also be the most important thing. Stop having hard conversations with people who don’t want to change. Stop showing up for people who have no interest in your presence. I know your instinct is to do everything to earn the appreciation of those around you, but it’s a boost that steals your time, energy, mental and physical health. When you being to fight for a life with joy, interest and commitment, not everyone will be ready to follow you in this place. This doesn’t mean you need to change what you are, it means you should let go of the people who aren’t ready to accompany you. If you are excluded or ignored by the people you give your time to, you don’t do yourself a favour by continuing to offer your energy and your life. The Truth is that you are not for everyone and not everyone is for you. That’s what makes it so special when you meet people who reciprocate love. You will know how precious you truly are. The more time you spend trying to make yourself loved by someone who is unable to, the more time you waste depriving yourself of the possibility of this connection to someone else. There are billions of people on this planet and many of them will meet at your level of interest and commitment. The more you stay involved with people who use you as a pillow, a background therapist for emotional healing, the longer you stay away from the community you want.

Maybe if you stop showing up, you won’t be wanted. Maybe if you stop trying the relationship will end. Maybe if you stop texting your phone will stay dark for weeks. That doesn’t mean you ruined the relationship, it means the only thing holding you back was the energy that only you gave to keep it. This is not love, it's attachment. It’s wanting to give a chance to those who don’t deserve it. You deserve so much, there are people who should not be in your life. The most valuable thing you have in your life is your time and energy, and both are limited. When you give your time and energy, it will define your existence. When you realize this, you begin to understand why you are so anxious when you spend time with people, in activities, places or situations that don’t suit you and shouldn’t be around you, your energy is stolen. You will begin to realize that the most important thing you can do for yourself and for everyone around you is protect your energy more fiercely than anything else. Make your life is a safe haven, in which only “Compatible” people are allowed. You are not responsible for saving anyone. You are not responsible for saving anyone. You are not responsible for convincing them to improve. It’s not your work to exist for people and give your life to them! If you feel bad, if you feel compelled, you will be the root of all your problems, fearing that they will return the favours you have granted. It’s your obligation to realize that you are the love of your destiny and accept the love you deserve. Decide that you deserve true friendship, commitment, true and complete love with healthy and prosperous people. Then wait and see how much everything begins to change. Don’t waste time with people who are not worth it. Change will give you the love, the esteem, happiness and the protection you deserve.


That reading was posted on Sir Anthony Hopkin's FB page and it is so real and really made me think. Our energy can so easily be zapped from heavy chores to illnesses, even the weather can make us feel tired, but when your energy is drained by an “emotional vampire” it is completely different as this can affect every part of you, mind, body, and Spirit. This can impact us so much more than everyday things. Without knowing it you can be listening to someone and as they are pouring their heart out to you but, how many times has this person told you the same story over and over again. This is where we can be drained and for your own sake you have to draw a line, you have empathy for them and you have listened and helped them all you can, but at some point if you don’t stop this ongoing drama you will become ill and feel exhausted and really not know why.

This has personally happened to me with my mum, mum was always bringing the past up and couldn’t let go of it.  Before I left her house I would feel so tired and drained and yet my mum would jump up and get ready to go to work happy and laughing as she had pulled my energy from me which made her feel much better, but she didn’t do it intentionally, this is an emotional vampire. I became very ill and developed arthritis and every time I started to feel better I would visit my mum and the pain and stiffness would set in. I couldn’t figure this out for the longest time, but one day I said to her, I can't listen to this anymore, I’m tired of the same stories over and over again, either let go of the past or do something about it. Of course this lasted a day or two then straight back to the same thing.

I knew I had to make a change as I know she wasn’t going to. When I moved to Canada, within 3 months of being away from my mum, my arthritis went completely and I had so much energy I couldn’t believe the change in me and then I realized what had been happening for so many years. When people can’t let go of the past it can be because they don’t really want to let go, they have gone on for years carrying this with them and it would feel strange without this but that is what needs to happen and they just don’t realize how free they would feel. It’s so sad but it is their lesson not yours and if they are not willing to let go then you can’t help them and you have done all you can. It can be the hardest thing to let go of the past when you have been hurt so much, but you are still hurting yourself by living through it time and again.

When you are Spiritual especially and you can be so open to energy it is important that you protect your energy. One way I do it is to imagine you building a brick wall around yourself getting higher and higher and make it solid, this will stop the drainage of your energy plus you will actually see it in their face and body language that they really don’t know what’s happening and so they will either say “Oh I have to go now" or they will change the subject. I have done this multiple times and it works. Please know that this is important for your own health and wellness, you can be there for others but recognize when it's time to let go, this is your lesson and theirs is to let go. Remember we are all energy filled with love and our lights shine like beacons in the darkness. Remember you're special too and you deserve so much more that life can offer you.