Sunday Service for May 16, 2021 - Rev. Janine Grey


Please join me in prayer:

Gracious Spirit as we join together mind, body, and Spirit let us open ourselves up to your loving light and bask in all your glory, allowing our higher selves to connect with you and all our loved ones who have passed, we ask that they join us and that we feel their loving presence.

Let us let go of all the negative feelings that we have accumulated over this past week, allowing healing to take place during this time together.

Please send healing to those who have been on our minds and in our prayers, we know that healing will take place in many different ways and we trust in your loving energy knowing that all that can be done will be done.

We thank you as always.


Reading - from Spirit through Rev. Janine Grey

Change is a natural process but not accepted well, but change comes anyway no matter how hard it is to face, feeling comfortable in a routine makes you feel content and safe but to what purpose, standing still does not allow growth or Spiritual development, but impedes your growth. Changing how you think can help you move forward and not stay stagnant, by taking that one step forward and having the faith to embrace the changes taking place is a true blessing not just for you but others around you.

You will feel free more than ever by trusting your Father and listening to your Spirit within as this will give you the strength to let go and trust in the divine plan which has been designed for all. By allowing change you will inspire others to take that step too and together you are strong in mind, body, and Spirit. When you are in complete harmony you synchronize with the Spirit world and Great Spirit, becoming one with your creator is the most beautiful and enlightening life you can live.

Once you have taken this brave step, you will motivate many more people around you and together you all move forward and feel the benefits of a more healthier you, not just in your physical self but deep within your Soul. Be strong and trust in the divine plan, know that Spirit will not let you fall but will be by your side to hold you up even carry you when needed. Embrace change and trust in Spirit as we will be with you every step of the way. Allow yourselves to feel this mighty freedom of true faith, let go and trust and you will be a driving force to inspire your own true self and others around you.


As so many changes have taken place in your world but do you wonder have you changed yourself? Do you feel any different, do you think any differently about yourself or life in general. This life that can be taken for granted has changed so much and still changing now. Have you taken the time to know yourself better, and have you adjusted to the changes.

Life has so many twists and turns and history proves there have been major disruptions over many years, but people have adapted over time. It has never been easy but the changes always have had a good outcome. During times of war, people were fearful of the unknown and this is understandable, but acts of humanity came forth and people helped each other with the little they had. People looked after each other and helped to rebuild their lives.

Your world has undertaken so much and yet here you all are, still coping and helping where and when you can, still rebuilding and adjusting physically and mentally. We know from history there have been many moments of great compassion and love because the need to help heal others helps to heal ourselves but not only that, you have a deep and profound love for one another as this is part of who you truly our your spiritual selves.

True love for one another goes so deep that you don't even think about it as you are compelled to help those around you who are in need of your compassion which is a true and genuine love and how beautiful is that. Through the world's darkest times comes a huge change to humanity and people pull together and work hard to overcome these terrible times.

Through all of this many lessons are learned not just about yourself but those around you, the Spirit world knows that you all have free will which is a gift from the divine. What happens to the world is manly man made and for which you suffer the consequences but from those disasters comes a working together a building of trust and love prevails. From the darkest times the light will always find a way to break through the darkness and keep making breaking through until there is no darkness only light, you are the light and have the capability to break through yourselves, this happens when an outpouring of true compassionate love overwhelms the negative energy and you yourselves prevail, the Spirit world is behind you all the way but you have to that first step first.

This pandemic will change the world once more but you will see and be the light within the dark, have faith in God and the universe but most importantly it has to start with you, you are the light a spark from the divine, remember this and your inner strength will pull you through and the world itself will heal once more, God is with you every step of the way, take that step be brave, you are never walking this path alone, you never have and never will. Light up your world around you and the world will follow that loving and most powerful light. Love is the light and the light is love, this is you and you are loved.

Thank you Rev Janine Grey