On March 25, 2018, we celebrated Shirley Cleaver's birthday and 25-year membership in the church.

Photo by Rev. Janine Grey

Shirley Cleaver (L) receiving a birthday cake from Rev. Patricia Gunn (R) on behalf of the congregation.  Shirley was also given a free lifetime church membership.


We were delighted to celebrate the Ordination of Janine Grey on

October 30, 2016, at The Cowichan Spiritualist Church, Duncan, BC

Rev. Patricia Gunn, Pres. Bruce Mason, Janine Grey, and Rev. Carol Spencer    (Photo by Paula Foot)


Cake by Shirley Cleaver  (Paula Foot photo)                                                        Flowers and photo by Sandy Lukoni


   Reverend Janine Grey with her proud husband Peter  (Paula Foot photo)


The 25th Anniversary of the Church - October 2, 2016



The Ordination of Malcolm Gloster on July 18, 2015

Rev. Patricia Gunn officiated at Malcolm's Ordination at the Seniors' Centre on Salt Spring Island.


The audience waits                                                Sandy Lukoni with singers Alli Evans, Janice Hiles and Ken Hiles


Rev. Carol Spencer and  Penny Jones                            Sheila, Lorna, Rika, and Quinee   (Photo by Christie Gloster)


Rev. Carol Spencer, Malcolm Gloster, and student minister Janine Grey    (Photos by Christie Gloster)


Rev. Patricia Gunn, Rev. Carol Spencer and Malcolm Gloster        Newly ordained Reverend Malcolm Gloster   (Kevin Gilbert photos)


The Ceremony - Bruce Mason, Rev. Patricia Gunn, Malcolm Gloster, Rev. Carol Spencer, Rev. Dianne Burrough, and Janine Grey, Student Minister  (Photo by Darlene)


Rev. Carol Spencer and Malcolm Gloster  (Photo by Darlene)             Bruce Mason, Rev. Patricia Gunn, Rev. Carol Spencer, and Malcolm Gloster  (Photo by Christie Gloster) 

Reverend Patricia Gunn and Rev. Malcolm Gloster   (Photo by Christie Gloster)

Rev. Malcolm Gloster with friends and family   (Photo by Christie Gloster)

Malcolm's Family - Sue, Sydney, Malcolm, Casey, and Christie    (Photo by Trudy Kaufmann)


Cake by Shirley Cleaver   (Barbara Miller Photo)            Close up of the Ordination Cake by Shirley Cleaver   (Photo by Darlene)


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