Rev. Janine Grey

This is the unedited inspired writing that Janine read at the church service on May 7, 2017:

The Origin

The origin of the source is a divine energy of light, this consciousness has existed for eons of time. In the beginning the source with you know call the creator or God, expanded its energy out into a void space of nothingness. The source imploded a part of its energy and these fragments like energy went out into the void. The energy began to evolve into planets and Earth was created,  within the Earths very early birth, the energy of Pureness that Earth was created from, evolved into a sustainable life form, different from the creators, a variation from the original energy. This is the only way this energy could exist in the Earths primitive atmosphere.

The metamorphosis of this pure energy evolved into  a life force, which was sustainable within the Earths atmosphere. Life had begun. Through these early stages of life forms, God was exploring this new form of energy which God had created. The Creator felt life within the plant formations and molecular structures which where forming. The creators energy is so pure that the Earths atmosphere created strange wonders that would be called mutations if you could see they now. The Creator refined these products of the original energy. Each time the energy was manipulated, the Creator's consciousness evolved and God began to experience life in the most raw and primitive way.  

As God expanded its energy, so the consciousness expanded within the Earth and in Space with its vast void of expansion.

Over eons the Creator was expanding anew, and a unique consciousness was ever evolving. God experienced life In a very different way than just existing, and so as time went on, God kept refining its energy and eventually the Human being was formed.

Through this vessel, the Creator again began to refine this new form of energy, and began to feel and have emotion. A thought became a conscious energy, and consciousness and the subconscious were evolving. The Creator experienced laughter, humour, sadness, anxiety, pain and suffering. All this powerful extreme intelligence and vastness  of consciousness was storing all human life experiences and expanding from this knowledge.

The Soul became a storage of your many lives and experiences. The Spirit is the divine within us and God within us that originated from the source at the very beginning.

Time is irrelevant and this life you are living and learning and growing from, is in turn Gods experiences. We are from the source, we originated from the purest and most wondrous and sublime energy that cannot be contained in its vastness.

You are truly a spark from the source, a particle from the divine which expanded out into the universe, Gods consciousness.

We are all one and and yet so very different. We are a piece of God, and God dwells within us. Everywhere upon this Earth plane has been a creation from God at the very beginning.

Eventually we will all return to the source become a piece of God once again. This will be the end of time, when we all return to the God source, our mother and farther who gave of itself, who gave birth to humanity and the planet in which we dwell and coexist.

The purest of love which is incomprehensible, you can not feel this purest of vibrations within this atmospheric condition
but when you return to your true home where God dwells, in a level of supreme consciousness, then you will remember this very precious and untouched, purest of loving vibrational energy. Then you will recall all your lives and your connection to each other, you will recall your truest existence of the true you and your true parent, the Creator, your father, your mother who gave birth to the universe, a supreme consciousness, from which you where born and have evolved from, and will continue to expand, this is the divine plan. All will become clear through Gods love and acceptance and never ending and all encompassing love in the purest of form.

From Spirit through
Rev Janine Grey


Janine was unable to chair the Church service on December 4 due to illness, so Barbara Miller chaired and read Janine's 's Spirit-inspired "automatic keyboard" reading: 

True Light
When you are open to the spirit world and sense their presence, ask for protection from your guides who are eager and keen to work with you. Your development is important and will come in many stages and on many levels, this is not to be forced, let the whole experience be a truly spiritual experience and not an egotistical and self righteous experience. You all open to Spirit through your life experiences but some of you may not feel spirit until later in your life. Be aware that when ever you are called to serve spirit it comes to you at the right time. Do not rush your learning process and trust everything will come together as and when it is deemed to do so.
This time of year parts of the earth plane are dormant and still, there is a very fine veil that is lifted aside and we can enter into your world so much easier, the veil divides into two, be aware of the negative side of spirit, you must always protect yourself from all negative energies and entities who set out to diminish your beautiful and amazing light that is truly perfection. This manifestation of God shines through you and you are a beacon for all in spirit including the negative side.
Do not misunderstand us when we bring this to your attention, it is to purposely help you. Yes always work in the light and the light of truth and trust you will be protected as soon as you ask. Some lights diminish as they are not protected from this darkness and this will cause depression, disharmony, sadness, feeling unwell and in a complete state of darkness and despair. We come to help and guide you. Do not feel unease with this information just take what is being given and use your gift wisely and not falsely. We want your light to shine and bring happiness and up liftment, especially during this wondrous time of year. The Spirit world who dwell in the light and the principalities who govern the Arc angels enter into your earth plane and fully work to support and protect you for the sake of mankind. But truth is knowledge and with this knowledge you will become even more aware than you where before. Always remember that how ever and whenever you opened and became aware of the spirit world does not matter nor does this make anyone greater than you, or you greater or lesser than them, but those who have opened up to Spirit before you and have trodden in your foot steps and have been through the many pitfalls that you will face and are trying to guide you and protect you from yourself. The spirit world are always here upon the earth but as the season for giving and receiving comes upon you, your spiritual self can unfold and reveal many layers of development from within, this development from deep inside your very soul is your grounding and your connection to the highest who dwell in the light. Do not push yourself too hard, relax and let spirit gently work with you and within you. Many tests, many lessons to learn, many steps to take, many phases within you will come and go, with each level you learn and progress, a greater connection takes place, and another layer of protection is added on to your armor. There is always a spiritual warfare taking place and can manifest its self in many guises. Through developing and learning, you will recognize these traits, every medium will go through many transformations and each with a lesson to learn. Spirit urge you to protect your very being, spiritually, mentally and psychically. Listen to the soft words of spirit who dwell with in the light of the utmost power, the true light of God. We ask that you take one step at a time and always remember that God is within you, that you are a divine spark from the creators very existence and your wondrous light shines so bright when working within the light and truth. You are part of God and each and everyone whom you meet.Feel God within you, feel the divine running through your veins, experience God and become one with God, but remember to be humble within your creators presence, be humble and kind with your human body and do not take it for granted, be humble with those around you who are working on the same pathway and striving like you to be attuned spiritually but remain grounded and protected, remember God is all and all is God, You are an image, an impression of the divine intelligence who created all, created you, walk within spiritual foot steps that have been left in printed on the earth by many teachers and philosophers who came before you, read, learn and embrace all that is offered to you, take what is rightfully yours here upon the earth, this is why you are here, to learn and grow, enhancing your soul, your spirit, this is your gift to God, the creator, the magnificent, the all encompassing and immense energy of the most wondrous of presences, let your self unfold and experience the divine qualities of this precious experience that you are living in now, give back to your God by being humbled in the presence of the most highest of intelligence, be humbled and give love and allow yourself to receive love, learn an expression of the most highest vibrations and let your body, mind and spirit receive this wondrous gift and then you are giving the most beautiful gift to your God, your divine spark, your light, your very essence, your very being, your soul, your true self, you.
From Spirit through the hand of Rev Janine Grey

Janine's recent Spirit-inspired reading by "automatic keyboard" at her Ordination at the Church on October 30, 2016 (exactly as written):


From a small child being brought up with in the Catholic religion, having seen, heard and sensed Spirit from a very young age, my faith in God always stayed strong and there was never any doubt that life existed beyond this world. All the lessons I have learned, all the study I have done and all the tests that I have been through have lead me to this point in my life.

I chose the song “Somewhere over the rainbow” because when I was in England, I had a message from my Uncle and the message was, follow the yellow brick road. The Medium said “He keeps talking about the Wizard of Oz? And follow the yellow brick road? At the time that message never made sense to me, but now I understand it completely. There have been many pathways in my life and all have taken me in different directions, many lessons to learn and new experiences along the way. These have all lead to this point in my life now. Whenever I came off my road, Spirit always called me back to the main road, the road I chose to take at the beginning of this life, my yellow brick rd.
In the beginning I fought against being a medium, I was frightened of it all, but the pull to the Spiritualist Church was too strong, and from the moment I walked through the doors, I felt like I had come home. I sat in circle for years with many mediums and studied hard, I took exams from the Arthur Finlay College in England, including my healing exam. And then I came here and my husband found you, and again from the moment I walked through the door, I had come home and I was welcomed with open arms by you all. Patricia welcomed me into her home and took me under her wing, and together we started the journey of Student Minister. Patricia has been councilor, my adviser, my shoulder to cry on, my mentor but more importantly my friend. I thank you so much Patricia for this opportunity and I hope to be of service to this Church and Patricia for many many years.
But today I dedicate my Ordination to my best friend who constantly supported me through many tough times during my student ministry, who waited and watched and was patient as I needed to take time out, who comforted me and held me, lifted me when I was weak and tired, supported me when I had almost given up, when I couldn't go on anymore, he lifted me up and carried me, he is my partner, my rock, my best friend and the love of my life, my husband Peter.
I wouldn't be standing here now if it wasn't for your strength, love and support, I love you with all my heart and soul and I appreciate all that you do for me and this Church and your constant support. I love you with all my heart.
I want to thank Rev Carol Spencer for being my sponsor today, for her guidance, her council and her reassurance, her support and mostly her and Jim's friendship. I want to thank you all for your support and healing thoughts when things got tough, your never ending enthusiasm to keep going and always making me feel loved. You are all so very special to me, and I thank you.
Thank you Bruce for being a very special friend and my Church representative, Malcolm for your support and help, your encouragement and always bringing humour with you, thank you.
And I promise to uphold all my obligations as a Spiritualist minister, and to honor the seven principles. I will honor this next part of my Spiritual journey and will always strive to do my very best for you, the community, this Church and the Spirit world. I feel very humbled and honored to have been chosen to become a Spiritualist Minister and I thank you all from my heart.
Rev Janine Grey

October 2, 2016 - This is Janine's Spirit-inspired reading by "automatic keyboard" on the 25th anniversary of the Cowichan Spiritualist Church of Healing and Light:

25 years of service to the Spirit world
From the beginning of the birth of this Church, Spirit where there, guiding and encouraging. The Church gradually grew from a small place for those to gather to a larger space, so the Church could grow and accommodate more people. This is where the Church expanded which took more than just true dedication. Every time there was a service, Spirit stood by and watched, Spirit knew this was just the beginning of many of your earth years of spiritual service.
The Spirit world has witnessed people come and go, people taking what they needed from each service,what they needed at that time in their life here on Earth. People have gone and come back over time as their lives move on or change, always knowing without thinking that this Church is here for them. Taking for granted sometimes that this church is here, so sure it will be there for them in there time of need or spiritual growth or crisis.
Yes there are many Spiritual Churches and yet are they like this one! No they are all slightly different, The Seven Principles are slightly different in all Churches but they all have the same meaning, just a slight variation from the original.
The seven principles are guidelines from spirit to help you whilst your on the Earth plane and to guide you on your spiritual path. They vary slightly from church to church but the meaning is still the same. Each church is different to fill each persons needs, each medium works differently but has the same purpose, to prove life exists after we leave the earth. Just as each person will connect to a working medium, others will not have a connection, but know this, as a medium stay true to yourself and who you are, be your own medium, learn from others but take your place as being you. There is a reason for all and each person within a congregation will connect with a certain church and certain mediums, this is why you all work in a different way and each church is different, your connection is important with whom you connect too. Your Church and your Spiritual work is important.
To those who come and enjoy the company of like minded people, you all learn and take a small piece of the information given from the address and messages from your loved ones in spirit. Your presence here is just as important as the Mediums work, as you all sit together you complete this church, your spiritual home that is always filled with love, upliftment and support for each other.
Spiritual Healing whether absent, distant or hands on, is just a part of making the whole service complete. You are always welcome and we all strive to keep the doors open of this beautiful energy that exists here in this building. You have created the energy and love, your presence is a big part of the unique quality of this precious church. Do not take this church for granted, it takes many workers and volunteers to keep it going, all those who work behind the scenes, all those who work on the platform, all those who attend, all those in spirit who come through with message from your loved ones, all those who set up the church ready for you, all those who put everything away, your memberships and support, your never ending devotion and faith in all what we the Spirit World represent to you.
But through all this, Your Reverend and Church Minister has been here from the very beginning and still remains true to her commitment, her vocation, always being of service, always here for you and always striving to give to the community and of herself, helping those who live within the Valley, and committed to your services and to keep this church ongoing.
We the Spirit World love you all so dearly, and we are here for you all. But please do not take this precious place, your sanctuary for granted, be here now and enjoy theses times in your life, be here and experience every moment and learn, grow and develop.
Be here to support your minister and your church, be here for spirit and be here for you.
May the Divine Creator, your God and the ministry of Angels send you unconditional love now and always Amen.

August 29, 2015 - This is a recent Spirit-inspired reading that people have asked Janine to share. Here is Janine's "automatic keyboard":


You are all born time and again as you have lived many lives. As children you live and learn from different and unique families. Even now you are adults, you are still children, still learning about life and all its many diversities. You will always be children of the One who created all of life, all creations large and small, great and beautiful, there is beauty in all as we gaze out onto the world around us. As you gaze at all the beauty that surrounds you, of the mountains and oceans and all its creatures, as you gaze up to the sky to the stars and the moon, as you feel the warmth of the sun on your face and feel a gentle breeze. You enjoy all of this around you, isn't it so breathtaking? So then we ask “why do you not look to yourself and each other with the same all inspiring gaze and with the same smile? As you look around you at the wonder of all that has been created, were you not created with love and beauty also because this includes you too?

The Almighty all-encompassing living and loving energy that we shall name God has created all and yet you still are learning to love each other and lastly yourselves. You cannot comprehend this fully as we see you your true self, your true radiant light and the wonder that is you. As children you learn about life and love and as you mature you learn to love in all aspects. You find yourself as small children looking with curiosity at your reflection in mirror for the first time and yes you like even love what you see, you actually love yourself, without judgement or bias, you’re curious about the colour of your eyes and hair, the shape of your face, who do you resemble within your family members, you touch your face in the mirror and try to define your image. This is a child's mind at work and in all its innocence. But as you grow and mature society has taught you otherwise, you cannot admire with wonder your image in the mirror for fear of being called vain, you become judgemental of your image, your shape and size. You forget how to love and be loved. This is not positive it is only negativity in the purest form. Our energy is living and negativity and self-loathing can have a detrimental effect on our Spiritual body transmitting out into our physical body. Our message here at this time is to remember and allow that time as a child and with all the innocence of a child, look at yourself again in the mirror and allow the image you see, and without your mind being involved and then close your eyes and allow yourself to feel love, open your mind and heart and free your Spirit and allow yourself this freedom to look again at you, feel the love of your God deep within you and allow this love to flow to all parts of your body still with your eyes closed. When you feel ready, open your eyes and see only love there now, look at the true you and set your mind free from all negativity and bias. Look at the image of the child and the innocence that was you and still is you the true you, allow this freedom to flow and to embrace yourself. You all are going through a transitional phase and we urge you to return to a time of trusting love and innocence, a time when you felt carefree and happy, a time when you looked at yourself and liked you for who you are and who you are now. Allowing negative things from the past to fade away and let this change take place and let this shift happen. The Spirit worlds want to say keep things simple and child-like and allow God to flow through you and around you, don't allow your mind to take over here, just trust and this will transmit a feeling that others around you will feel and sense. Be a child again in a pure and loving way and love others the same. This will allow the transitional shift on the Earth plane that is taking place to become more powerful and in a positive and loving way. You will feel light and happy and most of all loved but not just by God or the Angels but even more powerful and profound than that, you will be loved but more amazingly by YOU. 

Written by Spirit through the automatic keyboard of Janine Grey 


At the April 27, 2014 Church service, Student Minister Janine Grey shared her spirit-inspired automatic writing.  Janine calls it "automatic keyboard" because she writes it on her computer.  Here it is for your enjoyment:

When you are inspired to learn and read all aspects of spirituality, the true being of light which is the true you, the real you, opens the lotus of the crown chakra for further development while on the Earth plane. This helps you to co-exist with the human being, the Earthly body and the Spiritual energy of love combined. We learn of our true selves and our essence this blends and becomes one with the Soul and the Souls journey of understanding all and all in existence. We nurture you and guide you but this inner self- awareness has to come from you yourself. You have free will and this cannot be overruled. This is the natural law the law governs all. The simple light of truth will touch you all within this life that you are living now at this time. But time is irrelevant and is not a reality within the Spiritual law. You comprehend what is needed at this time in your earthly life and so develop as you should. You are drawn to books and meditation with like-minded beings but you rarely understand the concept of the truth. The pure and magnificent energy of unconditional love in the purest of forms is incomprehensible to you; you have forgotten this wonderful all- encompassing loving energy. On the Earth plane there is no love like the love of the Omega the wonder that is GOD. Mankind does not even touch on the energy of this love in the purest of states. It cannot be controlled with emotions as it is uncontrollable; it is its own energy source. We exist together as one and yet you are individual all part of the divine. You understand love through words or actions and emotions, but this is a mere droplet in the ocean compared to the love of the Spirit world and the creator of all. You understand what you want to understand and you listen and you feel what makes sense to you but there is always a broader picture an under lining meaning within all that has been written from Spirit Guides through a medium. You only grasp a slight understanding of what has been spoken but there are always layers within the spoken word of the creator the magnificent source of all. We dwell within many dimensions of Spiritual progression and learning but this knowledge can seem complicated at times this is where your development lies, your Soul resonates to you the truth which is simplicity itself and in your true Spiritual essence you are very knowledgeable and all knowing. Your Soul craves this constant development which is learned with every life you live and as you have endured many experiences, some have been traumatic and emotional and some lives have been happy and carefree. But with each life you evolve and when you return back to the Spirit world your Soul sings with the inner knowledge and your true self reaches higher and higher within the dimensions of the Spirit world and with each development you are rewarded with an intense loving energy that the Soul craves more and more. This is the true love of God. The true purest unconditional loving energy which is you the real you, can never truly be described in words alone but your Spirit will recall this over whelming sensation Being true to yourself first and foremost is the key and the loving energy will dwell within you and manifest itself out to the human body. This love will then transmit true loving energy to those around you, this will then be transmitted out to the world itself and the love of God will be one with the Earth and the Universe.

From my Guides through the automatic keyboard of Janine Grey Student Minister


Here is another of Janine Grey's spirit-inspired automatic writing from November 3, 2013.  Janine agreed to have it posted on the website as many people asked for a copy of her reading.

Jesus transcends time and space because he is the Master. Jesus was born to a wealthy family and was well educated. This was his foundation for the philosophy that he brought during a time of need. Jesus can transcend time and be in all dimensions at the same time. Not like our spiritual selves that progress through soul growth to the many dimensions in the spirit world. Jesus came be in all dimensions as he is the Master. The Master still teaches now. We gather to hear him and his teachings are immense and our souls sing with the true understanding that he delivers. GOD worked through Jesus in the time he lived on earth. Jesus was a Healer, Psychic, Medium and philosopher. His teachings are still relevant today and his true Spiritual self is more immense than the time he lived on Earth. Jesus has great charisma and as you would call it and his love is immense. People where drawn to him when he lived on the Earth his philosophy were turned into stories so they were understood by those not as educated as he was. His stature was tall for the time period and he ate fruit and drank wine just like everyone else, he came to Earth as a man but was so much more. Jesus was so intuned to GOD and Spirit that he exhumed an energy that was hypnotic to those around him to the point people would follow him everywhere and they were in ore of him. He chose this life so you would know that life exists after death and how we live this life is where are Spirit shall transcend and what dimension you shall dwell when your life is over and you have done all you came here to do. Your Souls growth depends on the lives you chose and what you learn from them. The Golden rule that you call it here on Earth is the simple basic truth that love your brother as you love yourself for GOD is in everyone good or bad. This may not make sense to you as how can GOD live in someone bad? But GOD does live in all of you. You have free will and what and how you live your life is up to your will. GOD loves us no matter what you do or live, there has to be a balance of good and evil so we may learn and experience all there is to learn for our Soul growth and when we have reached a point where we are ready we shall all return to where we once started and blend as one with the great omega and become one with this wonder us and all-encompassing loving energy which is GOD. You’re GOD for whatever name you give does not matter or what religion you chose to experience. What matters is what you have learned if and if not you shall chose to come back and do it all again. Jesus chose to spread his light upon the earth with his teachings and his politics. His way is love always has been always will be. Your GOD loves you and you are all GODs children. Jesus was the closest to the Spirit world while on Earth and could manipulate the energies in the human body to heal and cure the sick and dying even a resurrection of Lazarus. Jesus chose to be a simple man upon the Earth at time of great need and the crucifixion is not what he came to be remembered for it was for his philosophy and opening the door to the Spirit world on Earth. Live with joy in your heart and love those around you with the love that Jesus gave to mankind. This is the Sole purpose of your life. Trust in GOD and that Jesus taught us many great truths. But be true to yourself more and GOD will always be in your heart and Soul.

On September 29, 2013, Janine Grey shared her spirit-inspired automatic writing that she calls "automatic keyboard" because she writes it on her computer. Janine agreed to have it posted on the website as many people asked for a copy of her reading.

Angels: We are neither male nor female. We can appear as a female or male human if it is desired in times of trouble or need. The power of request by a human is very strong and is always answered. Times of trouble and misfortune or near fatal accidents we can and do help and intervene but only if it co-exists within the natural law. We are all governed by God the one and only ONE the omega the father of all love and creation. The energy source and the higher intelligence that you only touch, on a mere whisper to what your true soul possess is infinite. There are no boundaries you cannot exceed, you are a pure energy of love and your spirit knows no bounds. Your thought process is quicker and with blink of an eye a fraction of your second we are with you. We walk among you as humans; we only know love, but not the love that you know. But the love that is pure unconditional a never ending vastness of pure enlightenment which makes your soul sing and resonate with the God head, the creator of all. We help you always, and we hear your prayers through the pure energy which is the true enlightened and never ending God source. We do not have emotions like you have. We are linked directly to God and know what you are feeling and thinking. We do not know what you are feeling in your earthly terms as we have never lived a life on the earth plane and never will. But we know your emotions as it is translated to the center of our existence our very inner core what your emotions mean and what they mean to you. We do not take sides in arguments but we are given that thought and God translates to us what is needed and what it is you are really asking of the light and the true energy source which is your God. Our innermost light or what you would call the heart is engulfed with an energy that you will remember as soon as you come back to where you came from which is a spark of the divine, the light and love in its purest of forms that you cannot comprehend. A fraction of you will and do touch a whisper of this in a meditative form but the true self the soul knows this love so very well. It is a part of you and we are all connected through the source the never ending energy that is God. God translates all your emotions and feelings and thought through us we all know at the same time as we are all connected in a woven tapestry of infinite pure energy. The Divine knows not boundaries and loves us all. We are more than what you have read and so much more complex than what has been written. This is the truest and most honest account of what we are and how we are connected through the love of the Divine ONE, that resonates through all things living that pure energy which is us as a collective what you call Angels. The Archangels are God in the closest form to man but with the God source energy. We are with you always and will never leave your sides as you travel through your time on earth and your lives that you live for God. This never ending knowledge makes the soul sing and your spirit rise. You sacrifice all for the source the God head and God loves you so much for this. You are one with the OMEGA and the OMEGA is one with all. This living, breathing never-ending tapestry of interwoven life forms is our souls' creation here on the earth plane. God loves his children; this transcends to us the Angles. We are aware of this love and work within this just and true form of unconditional love. The Archangels are closest to the source but there is no favoritism or judgment by God. We all work with joy in our inner light and know that we are all a part of each other, all things living and all things in the spirit world. The many dimensions and vastness of the spirit world is too much for you to comprehend and understand, but your true self aches for this your true home. Know God loves you and we send never-ending help that is freely given to all of you through love and understanding, the purest of light and wisdom. Know that all that can be done is being done when healing is administered and the healing stays constant with you, you work through each other and this weaves within your spirit in your truest form. The natural law governs life on the earth but the spirit world is infinite. Healing is love in the natural form. Use healing with intent and open your heart and it will not fail you, trust in your true self and think loving thoughts. This aids the sick human body and lets the spirit heal itself of negative energy. We are with you now and always and this can never be broken. We are all connected through the magnificence which is GOD.

On September 22, 2013, Sheila Johnson read to the congregation the affirmations that she and her late husband Jim Johnson repeated every morning. Sheila graciously agreed to have their affirmations posted here.
We start the day with love. Today is a day of opportunity for us. All good things will come our way; we deserve them and say thankyou.
We are more and more attuned to the loving power of creation in our world. We give thanks for it, and bless it, as it sends its healing and harmonising love to us.
I express only love. I speak love of myself and my affairs. I give full creative worth to all that I tackle for to short-change a task or an action I short-change myself. I see only love and I express only love; I speak only love, for I love life, and I am love.
O great spirit, may you continue to shower us with your unconditional love, and if it be thy will, light the paths of our endeavours and bless them with success.
There is no power but god. We are filled and surrounded by the perfect peace of God. God is love, god is guiding us now, god is with us.
This, or something better, now manifests for us in totally satisfying and harmonious ways, for the highest good of all concerned.
Let there be light; let there be light in our hearts, light in our minds, and light in all of our experiences.


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